Connect The Dots Design is the work of me, Úna Méabh O'Hanlon, a former teacher turned designer.


I design and create gorgeous paper products.
You'll find cute cards, pretty prints and stunning stationery on the website.


All of this is done from a home studio on the outskirts of Belfast. 
Studio makes it sound fancy - it's a spare bedroom I've converted into a functional workspace. 


Honestly, it was all a bit of a happy accident. If you have followed me from the beginning you will remember 'Doodles by UM', an instagram account I started to share my doodles. I started selling the images on cards and prints and before I knew it the business had grown and I resigned from my teaching job to make Connect The Dots Design my full-time job. 


I want to share my love of paper products and promoting positive messages. 
I bundle this together with a love of the Irish language.


Most things start as an idea or sketch in my notebook then I take it to the iPad to digitise and finalise the design. I print the cards and prints in-house then package and ship as sustainably as possible.