Halloween Doodles

Halloween Doodles

Last week I was planning a halloween window mural (if you’ve followed my instagram for a while you might remember the series of window murals I did during lockdown and then at Christmas last year). When planning I like to keep it simple; after all, the design has to be easy to transfer on to a large space.

For this week’s blog I’ve taken 5 objects from the mural and created an easy to follow how-to, showing you how to draw these popular halloween things in approximately 5 steps. 


Check it out and don’t forget to tag me in your attempts. 




  1. Draw an oval
  2. Draw a half oval from the top middle, round to the left and down to the bottom. Repeat on right hand side.
  3. Draw another set of half ovals on the left and right. 
  4. Add a stalk on the top
  5. Draw the eyes and mouth
  6. Colour in




  1. Draw a wave shape
  2. Draw a diagonal line from the edge on each side
  3. Draw upside down waves from each side. Don’t connect in middle
  4. Draw a v to connect the 2 waves


Spider’s Web


  1. Draw 2 perpendicular lines 
  2. Draw 2 diagonal lines from the corner
  3. Draw curved lines from one diagonal line to another
  4. Repeat at intervals
  5. Add a spider
  6. Colour in




  1. Draw a squiggly line with 3 humps
  2. Draw a downwards squiggly line from each side
  3. Connect the sides with another squiggly line
  4. Draw eyes
  5. Colour eyes in


Spooky Cat


  1. Draw 2 peaks connected by a line
  2. Draw a semi circle under the peaks
  3. Draw a blob to create the body
  4. Add a tail
  5. Draw eyes
  6. Colour in



Keep an eye on my instagram stories and posts over the next few days when I’ll be sharing how I put the how-tos to use for the window mural. 

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